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Team Up Against Nicotine

It’s Time to Reject Smoking, Chewing, and Vaping

Join Dallas Mavericks star Dwight Powell, the mayors of Dallas and Fort Worth, and UT Southwestern as we “Team Up Against Nicotine” and launch a full-court press to stomp out cancer. The No. 2 killer in the U.S., cancer has crept into all of our lives. Together, we can fight back by taking aim at the triple threat of smoking, chewing, and youth vaping. So we’re drafting an all-star squad of students, teachers, parents, and community leaders to get in the game and put nicotine on the bench for good.

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Mavs’ Dwight Powell Honors His Mom’s Legacy

Like so many, Dwight Powell has felt the heartbreak of cancer. He lost his mother to breast cancer when he was still a junior at Stanford. Jacqueline Weir, 53, had tried to shield her son, telling him only a week before she died. Powell has said since she didn’t realize the severity of her situation. As an NBA star with the Dallas Mavericks, Dwight Powell has become a passionate advocate for cancer prevention, early detection, and helping families cope with the fallout of cancer. And he urges teens to “be a leader” in speaking out against smoking and vaping.

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Beat Nicotine Addiction: We’ve Got a Game Plan

Smoking is still the leading cause of cancer and cancer-related deaths in America, but it’s not unbeatable. That’s why the experts at Simmons Comprehensive Cancer Center and the Dallas Mavericks have joined forces to take on this powerful opponent, raise awareness, and help Dallas-Fort Worth kick the nicotine habit. Learn how we can help.


How to Talk to Your Teen About Vaping

7 suggestions on how you can approach your teenager and start a meaningful discussion about the dangers of e-cigarette use.

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Get Screened, for the Health of It.

More than 1 million people are diagnosed with cancer every year. Early detection through screening and genetic testing can provide more options for successfully preventing or fighting the disease. We are committed to helping you prevent cancer from ever developing – or stopping it in its tracks if it has already started. Find out about the screenings recommended for each form of cancer, the risks involved, and your personalized options when it comes to cancer prevention.

Screening and prevention. That’s how you conquer cancer.

You don’t have to talk about it. You don’t have to think about it. You just do it. It’s that simple. 

Cancer screening and prevention. The time is now. 

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