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UT Southwestern's own experts provide valuable insights on cancer prevention, genetic testing, and support mechanisms. Explore our resource articles below.


Breakthroughs in Blood Diseases

UT Southwestern physicians highlight recent research benefiting myeloma patients and patients receiving anticoagulation therapy.

What to Expect at a Mammogram

It’s common to feel nervous before a breast cancer screening exam. Knowing what to expect can help ease any anxieties you might have.

5 Ways to Prevent Relapse After Quitting Smoking

Quitting smoking is hard and staying smoke-free can be even harder. These science-backed strategies can help you avoid relapse.

Spotting Lung Cancer Early Can Save Lives

An expert explains who should be screened and how the test works.

Essential Mammogram Guidelines at Every Age

Do you know when you should get a mammogram – and how often? This decade-by-decade guide offers an easy overview of screening guidelines.

What Actually Makes People Quit Smoking

Finding the drive to quit is no easy feat, but these reasons to stop might be the motivation you need to drop the habit for good.

Colorectal Cancer: Easy Prevention Tips

Did you know you can make lifestyle changes to dramatically reduce your risk of colorectal cancer?

The 5 Most Common Cancers in Texas

Here are the cancers that occur most frequently. Take these steps to reduce your risk. 

Tips to Help Your Loved One Quit Smoking

With your help, this could be the year your friend or family member kicks the habit for good. 

7 Dallas-Area Farmers Markets for Fresh Produce

Eating well is essential to great health, especially for those affected by cancer. Here’s where to head in North Texas for fresh, nutrient-rich fruits and vegetables.  

The Anti-Cancer Diet: How to Lower Your Risk

A lot of us are looking for a perfect grocery list – that magical combination of foods that will prevent cancer. Is it lots of kale or broccoli? More blueberries and tomatoes?

Hepatitis C Risk Factors – Are You at Risk?

What’s the biggest threat to your liver? It’s not alcohol, despite what you may have heard. It is hepatitis C, a viral infection that’s transmitted through the blood.


Coping with Cancer

Everyone processes a cancer diagnosis differently. If you’re dealing with one of your own, it’s important to know that you can do what feels right for you.

9 Ways You Can Help Cancer Patients

From helping around the house to supporting future research, here’s how to lend a hand to a neighbor, friend, or loved one going through treatment. 

Fighting Cancer Takes Community

As a donor, your gift to cancer prevention and care has more impact than you may know. Here’s what your donation can do for your community. 

How to Cope with Cancer and Take Control

Everyone experiences a cancer diagnosis differently. Our reactions and emotions are individual and complex. But for all of our uniqueness, one emotion is almost universal: fear.

Finding Financial Assistance for Cancer Patients

When faced with cancer, cost should be the furthest thing from your mind. But a lot of patients stress over medical bills even more than they do surgery or chemo.

Genetic Testing

Do I Need Genetic Testing for Breast Cancer?

Breast and ovarian cancer survivors and women from certain ethnic backgrounds should be evaluated for possible genetic screening, according to new guidelines. 

DNA Genetic Testing: Preventing Hereditary Diseases

There are issues to consider, but the benefits – like disease prevention and early disease detection – could save your life.

Will Genetic Testing for Cancer Be a Good Move?

Are you the right candidate for genetic testing? Take 5 minutes to answer these questions.