Minimally Invasive Heart Valve Surgery

Minimally Invasive Heart Valve Surgery Patient Testimonials

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Watch videos and read patient reviews from just a few of the many people who have had their lives changed by minimally invasive heart valve surgery at UT Southwestern.

Dennis McBride’s Story

When Dennis McBride of Mount Pleasant, Texas, needed heart valve surgery, he turned to UT Southwestern and Dr. Doolabh. Dr. Doolabh performs a minimally invasive procedure that requires just a 2-inch incision, meaning less pain and faster recovery.

Ginger Hanly's Story

After feeling fatigued for quite some time, Ginger went to the doctor and was diagnosed with severe tricuspid valve regurgitation. Her doctor quickly referred her to UT Southwestern’s Dr. Doolabh, who performs minimally invasive heart surgery – a perfect fit for Ginger, who did not want to go through the trials of traditional open heart surgery. Dr. Doolabh and Ginger walk you through the journey of a minimally invasive heart valve patient at UT Southwestern.


Michelle Robinson – Caregiver

“We are so glad we were able to find Dr. Doolabh. After we were turned down elsewhere, Dr. Doolabh was able to do the surgery needed to fix Jerry’s heart, and it went just as Dr. Doolabh had described. Jerry’s recovery from the valve procedure was smooth, and his condition continues to improve every day.”


Shauna Okongo – Patient

“The care I received from Dr. Doolabh at UT Southwestern was remarkable! I was referred to him because of his ability to perform minimally invasive surgery, and then I was out of the hospital in four days. Dr. Doolabh was there for me every step of the way.”


Dr. Eugen Koren – Patient

"Dr. Doolabh repaired my mitral valve so well that my severe regurgitation was reduced to zero. My valve is now functioning normally and I don't have any symptoms. Recovery was painless and I still wonder how could Dr. Doolabh completely repair my mitral valve through such a small incision on the right side on my chest... His technique is obviously superb. I can't say enough good about Dr. Doolabh as a caring person and a physician eager to explain the whole procedure before and after the surgery."


Chris Nenon – Patient

“My research and surgical experience with UTSW and Dr. Neelan Doolabh proved that I chose an excellent, very innovative surgeon whose methods ensured my recovery and independence sooner than most other surgeons could have. I was independent of caregivers at day seven, off pain meds at day eight, and totally back to normal in two weeks. Amazing!”


Mary Ryan – Patient

“When I found Dr. Doolabh online and read ‘minimally invasive,’ I thought OK – this one is for me! He listened to my story and was very clear in in terms of a timeline, what to expect, and even employed visual aides as needed. I had no concerns, no worries about anything because I knew what to expect. I consider the 29th of June my second birthday, in a very literal way, Dr. Doolabh gave me my life back.”


Penny Haney – Patient

“Dr. Doolabh and his staff were prompt and seamless in scheduling my appointment. He answered all my questions and gave me so much confidence in going forward. Afterward, the procedure’s effect on my energy level and attitude was tremendous – I once again felt in control of my health and felt it was restored.”


Lee Witte – Patient

"Dr. Doolabh is such a great guy. He was comforting and easy to talk to, and he had the best bedside manner I have ever had in a doctor. I feel perfect now – better than I felt before when I didn’t even know I was feeling bad! I have a constant reminder of what a gift I have been given by Dr. Doolabh."


Leonard Lucas – Patient

"I couldn’t imagine having open-heart surgery. I know minimally invasive heart surgery with Dr. Doolabh was the best situation for me, and I’d recommend it for anyone else who is a candidate. Dr. Doolabh and his staff were just wonderful the whole time. If I had to do it over, I would choose Dr. Doolabh again."

Robin Kinley’s Story

Robin Kinley of Big Sandy, Texas, was diagnosed with a heart defect that required heart surgery. Her cardiologist referred her to Dr. Doolabh at UT Southwestern. It’s a surgery he’s safely performed more than 1,500 times with exceptional outcomes.

Tommy Lloyd’s Story

Before he met Neelan Doolabh, M.D., at UT Southwestern, Tommy Lloyd’s heart was failing rapidly. His heart was too weak to withstand traditional surgery, Mr. Lloyd needed an innovative approach – fast. Now, thanks to Dr. Doolabh’s unique surgical technique, Mr. Lloyd is feeling 25 years younger and ready to continue living his life to the fullest.

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