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During this challenging time, it’s important to sustain your emotional, mental, physical, social, and spiritual well-being. We’ve collected resources that may help.

Keeping Life on Track During COVID-19

UT Southwestern Psychologist Kipp Pietrantonio, Ph.D., explains the importance of developing healthy routines for sleep, exercise, and eating during the pandemic, and how maintaining social connections using video conferencing tools and regular phone calls can help with your mental health.

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Mental Health During the COVID-19 Pandemic

Carol North, M.D., a UT Southwestern crisis psychiatrist, calls on already stretched health care providers to monitor the psychosocial needs of their patients as well as themselves and fellow health care workers. Dr. North has co-authored a new article in the New England Journal of MedicineRead more

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Sleep Like a Champion

6 Tips for A New Covid-19 Quarantine Olympic Sport

Natalia S. David, Psy.D., outlines six sleep healthy habits to help you sleep like a champion, and avoid letting the chaos and pandemonium infect our sleep as it has our social lives. Read the article

Stress and Child

Ask the Expert: Handling Stress & Anxiety During A Pandemic

As the COVID-19 pandemics affects numerous facets of our society, it also impacts each person in different ways. View a recording of our live chat with psychologist Nicholas J. Westers, Psy.D., from UT Southwestern and Children's Health to learn how to talk to your children and teens about the pandemic as well as identify some coping mechanisms. Watch the video

Recovering from COVID-19: How to Rehab at Home

The novel coronavirus is a respiratory infection that can exact a significant toll on the body. The Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation specialists at the O’Donnell Brain Institute have designed a rehab program specifically for patients recovering from COVID-19. All of the exercises can be done from home with no equipment and are focused on rebuilding your lung and muscle function. For more information on COVID RECOVER, ask your physician about our physical therapy and rehabilitation program for recovering COVID-19 patients. Physicians can make referrals through EPIC or by calling 214-645-2080. Learn more.

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Ask the Expert: Grief and Coping

Social distancing has many people adjusting to a new normal and with that change comes grieving the old way of life. Watch our discussion with UT Southwestern Peter O'Donnell Jr. Brain Institute psychiatrist Madhukar Trivedi, M.D., to learn more about coping during the COVID-19 pandemic. Watch the video