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Venkatesh Ariyamuthu, M.D. Answers Questions On Living Kidney Donation

Venkatesh Ariyamuthu, M.D. Answers Questions On: Living Kidney Donation

What does it mean to be a living donor?

Living donation in transplant typically refers to kidney transplant, when a person receives a kidney from a person who is alive, but liver transplants can also happen with living donors, and, not as often, lung transplants too.

What’s required to be a living kidney donor?

We typically look for a genetic match. A blood-related sibling is often the best match. For example, if you have four siblings, one of them could be a complete match to you. Two of them could be half a match, and one of them could be no match at all. 

The fact that there is a 25 percent chance that somebody could be a complete match is a huge thing, whereas if you get a kidney from your child or your parent, that's only going to be half a match.

When you have a very good match, the need for medications to prevent rejection can be lower compared to getting a kidney from a totally unrelated person.

What should a person interested in becoming a living kidney donor do to learn more about the process?

We offer a dedicated website for living donors who want to apply for living kidney donation. It explains the donor evaluation process, gives details about transplant surgery, and discusses life after donation.