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COVID; Prevention

COVID-19: What you need to know and how to reduce the risk of infection

The coronavirus, 2019-nCoV, has spread to multiple countries – including the U.S. In this MedBlog, infectious disease expert Trish Perl, M.D., discusses what patients need to know about the virus and ways to reduce infection risks.


ACE is high when it comes to acute geriatric care

Your Pregnancy Matters

4 tips for creating a family-centered birth plan

Family-centered birth plans include everything from pain relief options to emergency care and how older kids can participate. In this Your Pregnancy Matters blog, get tips to prepare for what you want – and the unexpected – from a UT Southwestern certified nurse midwife.

Aging; Brain

Postoperative delirium in seniors: Recognizing the symptoms, reducing the risks

Post-operative delirium affects up to 50% of older adults, causing agitation and confusion after surgery. Left untreated, it poses long-term health risks. In this MedBlog, we discuss risk factors, symptoms, and two new programs that can help prevent and manage delirium. Learn more.


5 questions patients might be reluctant to ask about radiation therapy

Radiation therapy for cancer raises plenty of questions – some of which you might feel nervous asking. Nina Sanford, M.D, tackles five common questions patients might be afraid to bring up with their doctors. Read more.

Your Pregnancy Matters

New Year’s weight resolutions that are safe during pregnancy

Trying to lose weight during pregnancy is generally not recommended. Robyn Horsager-Boehrer, M.D., offers healthy New Year, New You resolutions regarding weight for women who are pregnant or considering pregnancy.


Colorectal Cancer in Young Adults on the Rise

The rates of colorectal cancer in young adults have been on the rise, making screening more important than ever.


Dedicated Clinic for Lymphoma Cancer Treatments

A dedicated clinic at UT Southwestern specializes in cutaneous lymphoma cancer treatment.


Interventional Radiology Procedures to Fight Cancer

Using interventional radiology procedures to fight cancer allows doctors to guide treatments right to the cancer site.


Identifying Cancer Biomarkers for Immunotherapy

Researchers have been identifying new cancer biomarkers for immunotherapy that can benefit patients. These three discoveries are some of the highlights.