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Your Pregnancy Matters

Sex after pregnancy: 5 common concerns, and when to call the doctor

After childbirth, some women can’t wait to resume an active sex life. But other women have absolutely no desire. In this week’s blog, Shivani Patel, M.D., discusses what to expect regarding sex after pregnancy, and when to worry.

Heart; Prevention

How CTEPH treatment can eliminate blood clots in the lungs

People who develop a blood clot in the lungs typically treat it within three months by taking blood thinners. However, select patients with CTEPH must instead undergo surgery to remove the blood clot. Learn what surgical options are available at UT Southwestern.

Your Pregnancy Matters

How girls’ nights benefit moms – and babies

Good news for moms and babies! A 2019 study from JAMA Network suggests that when moms have large, supportive social circles, babies benefit as well as moms. In this week’s blog, Robyn Horsager-Boehrer, M.D., discusses the study and offers tips for low-key outings for new mothers.


Fish oil for heart health? A tale of two studies

Many people take fish oil supplements daily to reduce the risk of heart attack. But do omega-3 fatty acid pills really work? In this week’s blog, Joseph A. Hill, M.D., Ph.D., discusses the ongoing debate, as well as scientifically proven strategies to reduce heart attack risk.


Life after finishing cancer treatment: What does remission look like?

An important part of life after cancer is balancing good health and enjoying life to the fullest. Discover how tumor surveillance can help improve the physical and mental well-being of patients who survive cancer recurrence.

Your Pregnancy Matters

Why cultural awareness matters in pregnancy care

Pregnancy customs and values differ among cultures. For women and doctors in the diverse Metroplex, cultural competency starts with thoughtful communication. In this week’s blog, Patricia Santiago-Munoz, M.D., discusses four sensitive topics pregnancy care providers and patients should consider.

Eyes and Vision

Microinvasive glaucoma surgery offers reduced risks

MIGS typically is performed by using microscopic-sized equipment or implants, precision lasers, and tiny incisions in the eye, all of which leads to minimal tissue trauma and a more rapid visual recovery than traditional glaucoma surgery.


MitraClip therapy: Which patients are ‘sick enough’?

MitraClip has emerged as a treatment option for patients with mitral valve disease who are not healthy enough for valve replacement surgery. However, the device is approved for only a small patient pool – and it might be unnecessary with optimized medical therapy.

Your Pregnancy Matters

Erica's pregnancy story: Heart attack at 31, baby at 36

Heart attack survivor Erica Hoyle was thrilled to find out she was pregnant, but her joy quickly turned to fear: Because of her complex condition, no doctor would take her as a patient. That is, until she met the high-risk pregnancy team at UT Southwestern. Read Erica’s inspiring story now.

Your Pregnancy Matters

Uterine transplant: This prospect for pregnancy is not worth the risks

Many women think getting pregnant is the only way to become a “real mom.” Uterine transplantation, a major surgery available in clinical trials, is presented as a hopeful option. But Robyn Horsager-Boehrer, M.D., says it is too risky, and motherhood means more than carrying a baby.