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A blood test for concussion? Not exactly.

A new device approved by the FDA is being portrayed as a “concussion blood test,” but that’s not exactly the case. Discover the facts about the test and how it might be used to help identify more serious or complicated traumatic brain injuries – but not concussions.


Donate blood platelets to save a life during the holidays

Blood platelets, which prevent excessive bleeding, are needed for cancer and organ transplant patients. Your platelet donation could save a life.


‘Brain shrinkage’ increases traumatic brain injury risk in older adults who fall

Most cases of TBI in older adults are due to falls. Dr. Bell shares tips to protect loved ones and spot the somewhat vague symptoms of fall-related TBI.


Can exercise help with traumatic brain injury treatment?

Long-lasting symptoms of brain injury don’t always show up on a CT or MRI scan. New research is underway to explore a surprising treatment for TBI patients.