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Pediatrics; Plastic Surgery

Cleft lip revision, rhinoplasty can restore confidence for teens and adults

As kids who have had surgery to repair a cleft lip and palate grow up, the shape of their nose and lip can become uneven. Dr. Christopher Derderian explains how cleft rhinoplasty and lip revision surgery can restore self-confidence for teens and young adults.

Plastic Surgery

How Susan got her smile back: A journey overcoming facial paralysis

Facial expressions tell the world who we are and help us communicate with our surroundings. When facial paralysis stole Susan's smile, she turned to Shai Rozen, M.D., to get it back.

Plastic Surgery

Advanced surgery can stop migraines, occipital neuralgia, and daily persistent headaches

In the U.S., 39 million people suffer migraines that can devastate their careers and personal lives. But migraine surgeries offered by just a handful of surgeons worldwide – including UT Southwestern’s Bardia Amirlak, M.D. – can provide dramatic, positive results. Learn more.

Your Pregnancy Matters

Headache and migraine remedies that are safe during pregnancy

Headaches and migraines are common during pregnancy, and treatment options are similar for pregnant and non-pregnant women. However, sudden and severe headaches can indicate more serious health issues. Learn more.


New migraine treatments that prevent, relieve pain

Dr. Friedman discusses advancements in migraine treatment, including magnetic and electrode stimulation.