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Your Pregnancy Matters

Nitrous oxide for labor: Seriously, don’t laugh before you read this

Nitrous oxide, popularly known as “laughing gas,” used to be commonly used by women during labor. Now, the gas is making a comeback.

Your Pregnancy Matters

What parents should know about newborn tests and vaccinations

Dr. Zink discusses why newborns need erythromycin in the eyes, a vitamin K shot, and a hepatitis B vaccine right away after birth.

Your Pregnancy Matters

Helping siblings adjust to a new baby

Becoming a big brother/sister is exciting for a child, but also scary. Dr. Zink and a mom with experience share tips to help kids adjust to a new baby.

Your Pregnancy Matters

Can you turn a breech baby around?

Most babies naturally move out of breech position, but about 4 percent of babies won’t. Learn the methods you can try to turn them.

Your Pregnancy Matters

Finding support after losing a baby: Lindsey’s story

Lindsey Duke knows firsthand the pain of losing a baby during pregnancy. She offers advice to parents who may be facing a similar situation.

Your Pregnancy Matters

Approaching pregnancy after a difficult experience

If you have had a pregnancy that was difficult or ended in miscarriage or stillbirth, you can acknowledge your grief but still experience the joy a new pregnancy brings.