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Muhammad Beg, M.D.


What patients can learn from Alex Trebek’s resolve to beat advanced pancreatic cancer

What patients can learn from Alex Trebek’s resolve to beat advanced pancreatic cancer: UT Southwestern - MedBlog


Life after finishing cancer treatment: What does remission look like?

An important part of life after cancer is balancing good health and enjoying life to the fullest. Discover how tumor surveillance can help improve the physical and mental well-being of patients who survive cancer recurrence.

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Outrun (or outwalk!) cancer: How exercise can help reduce treatment symptoms

Research suggests that nearly all patients with cancer should exercise as part of their treatment plan. Exercise can help reduce side effects from cancer treatment and the disease itself. Find out which exercises can be most beneficial and how to get started.


6 ways millennials and Gen Xers can reduce their colorectal cancer risk

Studies show rising colorectal cancer rates among younger adults. Dr. Beg discusses how a healthy lifestyle and proper screening can reduce the risk.


10 years of surviving colon cancer: Charles’ story

Charles Quarton beat colon cancer in 2005. Ten years later, he’s fighting a new battle with lung cancer – but he’s also living life to the fullest.


Processed meat and cancer: What’s the real risk?

This fall, WHO stated that processed meats might cause cancer. How do hot dogs and bacon stack up against other cancer risks?


How does nutrition affect pancreatic cancer?

Pancreatic cancer is a serious disease that many people don’t know a lot about. Join the monthly #PancSM Twitter chat to discuss risk factors and treatments. Add your voice –#CallOutCancer today.


Joining together to fight pancreatic cancer

Pancreatic cancer is aggressive, quick to spread, and not commonly discussed. But PurpleStride DFW 2015 wants to change that. Add your voice –#CallOutCancer today.


What to expect if you have colon cancer

Surgical techniques for colon cancer offer more options than in the past.


8 common myths about colon cancer

Should women get colonoscopies? What about people who aren’t having symptoms? Our cancer doctors explain.