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Stroke Symptoms

Do you know the signs of a stroke, and what to do if you see them?


Why are women at higher risk for stroke than men?

The good news for women is that they generally live longer than men. The less than great news is that the risk for stroke increases with age, which means that women typically have a higher stroke risk.


What to expect during stroke recovery

Getting better after a stroke is a marathon, not a sprint. Learn what happens during a stroke and about the team at UT Southwestern in Dallas dedicated to stroke recovery.


Preventing strokes by fixing the brain’s ‘plumbing’

A UT Southwestern doctor in Dallas discusses “flow diversion” as one way to treat brain aneurysms before a stroke.


Stentrievers: A game-changer in treating major strokes

Severe stroke treatment by the team at UT Southwestern in Dallas now includes the groundbreaking use of stents.


Fact: Managing AFib reduces stroke risk

Atrial fibrillation (AFib) can increase your stroke risk. The doctors at UT Southwestern Medical Center in Dallas discuss pharmacological options for stroke prevention.