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Electron Microscopy

The Diagnostic Electron Microscopy Center performs diagnostic analysis on a variety of specimens for diagnosis. The lab offers special professional expertise in renal disease, muscle and nerve pathology, and pediatric diseases.

UT Southwestern Medical Center faculty from the Divisions of Surgical Pathology, Neuropathology, and Pediatric Pathology staff the facility.

Specimens may be submitted for complete ultrastructural analysis, including a faculty’s interpretive report or submitted for processing and scanning only, with representative images (digital files or prints) of the specimen’s ultrastructure returned to the referring pathologists for interpretation.

Electron Microscopy Evaluation

Performed: Monday through Friday

Turnaround time: 3 to 5 days

Specimen requirements: Tissue fixed in 2 percent glutaraldehyde or other suitable electron microscopy fixative. Vials are available from the laboratory upon request. Clinical history should accompany the specimen and consultation with one of the faculty pathologists is recommended. Please contact the laboratory for questions or special handling requests at 214-456-2313.

Special instructions: Optimal results will be obtained if fresh tissue is diced into 1 mm (or smaller) fragments with a new razor blade and immediately immersed in fixative. Please contact the laboratory for special instructions for blood (buffy coat) specimens or respiratory cilia for dysmotility. Glutaraldehyde should be refrigerated prior to use and the fixed specimen should be stored at 4 degrees Celcius prior to transport to the laboratory. The fixed specimen may be transported by courier or shipped at room temperature.

Contact: After hours, contact the attending pathologist on call at 214-456-7000.