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Flow Cytometry

The Flow Cytometry and Cellular Immunology Laboratory is staffed by board-certified hematopathologists who are specifically trained in a sophisticated form of flow cytometry known as cluster analysis. The pathologist assigned to the flow cytometry rotation is solely dedicated to that service. As such, the pathologist takes a direct role in triaging cases, customizing antibody panels if needed, and directly analyzing each case using cluster analysis software.  

Our analysis is inclusive of all major cell populations (instead of assumed gates), and our reports indicate any subtle variances from normal. If the case is positive, the report will describe the salient features of the abnormal cell population and may recommend further testing (e.g., cytogenetics, FISH, or molecular studies) that might be helpful.

The complete report is faxed within 1 business day. The pathologists are continually involved in active consultation with referring physicians.

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Phone: 214-648-0930
Alternate Phone: 877-887-8136, ext. 7080 

Karen Peart, MT(ASCP)SH
Laboratory Section Supervisor

Franklin Fuda, D.O.

Weina Chen, M.D., Ph.D.

Forms and Tests

Flow Cytometry Requisition Form (PDF)
Flow Cytometry Tests
Oncology Requisition Form (PDF)