Physician Resources

Veripath Policies

Specimen Submission

Federal occupational safety and health and laboratory regulations require that body fluid specimens must be submitted in appropriate and safe containers. We will be happy to supply approved specimen transport bags. Please call Customer Service for additional information or assistance at 214-645-7057 or 877-887-8136.

Specimen Labeling

Proper identification is critical for reliable, patient-specific clinical results. Each specimen is required by laboratory regulations to include the patient's identifying information (including name, age, sex, and date and time collected) on both the requisition form and the specimen label. The initials of the specimen collector are required on the container itself.

Specimen Rejection

Testing cannot be performed on unsuitable specimens. We are most interested in the reliability of test results to meet your patient's needs. We will notify you if a specimen submitted for analysis is unsuitable for testing.

Specimen Retention

Specimens are retained for a time in which specimen integrity is preserved. Special arrangements for longer storage time may be made by contacting the laboratory manager.

Discrepant and/or Unexpected Results

Esoteric testing is provided within the context of complex medical disease states. Discrepant or unexpected results should be discussed with the Director of the appropriate laboratory or the appropriate consultant to clarify the situation and determine the most appropriate next step to provide optimum medical care. There is no charge for a consultation of this nature because it is inherent in the complexity of the disease and esoteric test. If it is determined in consultation with a pathologist that a repeat test or new specimen is needed, there will be no additional charge.

Pricing, CPT Codes, and Test Availability 

Every effort has been made to ensure that the prices and CPT codes are correct. However, due to the rapid changes occurring in the clinical laboratory marketplace, the prices and codes may occasionally require updating. Due to advances in testing procedure or methodology and our commitment to bring the most appropriate assays to the market, the test catalog menu will be updated periodically.