Physician Resources

Veripath Services

Billing Services

An account can be set up for your practice, or your patients can be billed directly. To set up an account, please call Sales and Marketing through Customer Service at 214-633-5227 or 877-887-8136. You will receive an itemized bill once a month. If you wish to have your patient billed directly, be sure to complete all of the necessary information on the requisition form. If insurance information is provided and complete, we will accept assignment and third-party billing for outpatient services.

Courier Services

Veripath can provide courier services to Dallas/Fort Worth clients as requested. Please call the Customer Service department at 214-633-5227 or 877-887-8136 prior to specimen collection to arrange for specimen pick up.

Arrangements can be made for the transportation of specimens from more distant client locations as appropriate. Please contact Sales and Marketing through Customer Service at 214-633-5227 or 877-887-8136.


We have the capability to telephone results or transmit to your fax machine upon availability of the test result. Please contact the Customer Service area to initiate service. Regular hard-copy, chartable, computer-generated reports with appropriate information and results will be sent by first class mail when the test result is available.

Requisition Forms

Test requisition forms will be sent to you at your request. Please contact Customer Service for requisition forms or additional forms at 214-633-5227 or 877-887-8136.

Supplemental Services

For ongoing clients, Veripath Laboratories can provide literature references for interesting or difficult cases. Consultation with a pathologist to address additional testing recommendations, different methodologies available, or other issues of diagnostic clarity is available. Please contact the director of the appropriate laboratory.

Information regarding test specifications and test validation are also available upon request.


Please call Customer Service at 214-633-5227 or 877-887-8136 as needed for special supplies.