DFW COVID-19 Prevalence Study

Understanding the Prevalence Study

Study Design

We will recruit about 45,000 residents of Dallas and Tarrant counties to receive free testing for the virus that causes COVID-19, as well as testing for antibodies against the virus. You will have antibodies against the COVID-19 virus if you have been infected and you are no longer sick.

  • Invitations to participate will be mailed to households between July and November.
  • Testing will be conducted at many sites in Dallas and Tarrant counties.
  • Reports of what we learn about COVID-19 prevalence will be made available to the community during the course of the study – on this website and through local community leaders.

Tracking COVID-19: How to help a community-wide effort

UT Southwestern’s Dr. Amit Singal and Dr. Jasmin Tiro are leading the DFW COVID-19 Prevalence Study, which will enroll 45,000 residents from Dallas and Tarrant counties. They joined Dr. John Warner to discuss how the data could have a significant impact on the community and how it can help contain COVID-19.

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Special Science Café Episode: DFW COVID-19 Prevalence Study

Watch a special episode of UT Southwestern Science Café in which we answer questions about our new study on the prevalence of COVID-19 across North Texas. This study will engage diverse residents from a range of socioeconomic spheres throughout Dallas and Tarrant counties and include workers in essential jobs in an effort to calculate an accurate risk so that we can help public health leaders better respond to the current crisis and future pandemics.

COVID-19 test tubes

Getting Involved

We welcome support and assistance from community organizations and leaders across Dallas and Tarrant counties in raising awareness about this important study. In addition, should you not be selected for this study but still wish to encourage others to participate, we welcome your support and engagement. If you are interested in serving as a community influencer to help both the general public as well as your members or constituencies better understand the study goals and why their involvement is helpful, please email us at dfwcovidstudy@utsouthwestern.edu.

UTSW Works Toward Health Equity

Amit Singal, M.D., Associate Professor of Internal Medicine and principal investigator of this study explains the importance of understanding the true prevalence of COVID-19 in the community.