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Orhan Bukulmez, M.D. Answers Questions On IVF

Orhan Bukulmez, M.D. Answers Questions On: IVF

How do you determine a woman’s chances of getting pregnant with IVF or other advanced reproductive technologies?

Every patient is different, and that’s how we treat each one, but success relies heavily on the female’s age and her ovarian reserve. Then, of course, we have to determine if there are any male factors as well.

What type of IVF treatment can a woman expect at UT Southwestern?

We offer individualized approaches ­– very personalized IVF. At some centers, they put every first-time patient on the same protocol. If they fail, then they try to tweak it. We don’t do that. We want to be right the first time. We collect as much information as possible and recommend a protocol for each person.

What is minimal stimulation IVF?

Minimal stimulation IVF, or mild stimulation IVF, is a technique we are championing in this area for women with diminished ovarian reserve or advanced reproductive age. It’s a very customized approach that is less intense and invasive for the patient than conventional IVF. It involves less medication and less aggressive ovarian stimulation and focuses on retrieving higher-quality eggs. It costs less than a standard IVF cycle.