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Plastic Surgery

The true cost of discount plastic surgery

Back and Spine; Orthopaedics and Rehab

Just 10% of back pain requires surgery – and minimally invasive procedures work for many

Only 10% of patients with back pain need surgery – and if you do, chances are a minimally invasive procedure may be all you need. Learn more with spine expert Kavita Trivedi, D.O., or UT Southwestern.

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The Science of Healing: UT Southwestern's Quest for Discovery

For more than 75 years, UT Southwestern has been on a three-part mission: to discover, heal, and educate. As one of the country’s leading academic medical centers, we bring science, determination, and compassion to bear on diseases and conditions that have long vexed humanity. 

We’re not content with merely dispensing today’s treatments. We’re searching for breakthroughs in our labs and then moving our discoveries as quickly as possible into new and better treatments for our patients. That’s the science of healing. That’s also the story of UT Southwestern – the future of medicine, today.