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For more than 75 years, UT Southwestern has been on a three-part mission: to discover, heal, and educate. As one of the country’s leading academic medical centers, we bring science, determination, and compassion to bear on diseases and conditions that have long vexed humanity. 

We’re not content with merely dispensing today’s treatments. We’re searching for breakthroughs in our labs and then moving our discoveries as quickly as possible into new and better treatments for our patients so that each individual can achieve his or her own potential.

That’s the force of human science. That’s the story of UT Southwestern – the future of medicine, today.

Rhythm and Blues

New research suggests what will make us smarter, thinner, and happier. In most cases, timing is everything.

by Eric Celeste

What Women (and Their Doctors) Don't Talk About

A quarter of the female population is suffering from symptoms they’re too embarrassed to talk about. One doctor wants to start the conversation.

by Abby Kinsinger

Radiation Reimagined

A new, hyper-targeted radiation technology could bring your total number of treatments from 45 to just five.

by Matt Goodman

Acid Test

A rare couple in the lab world has developed a new way for surgeons to look at the tumors they need to remove.

by Matt Goodman

A Head Start

Humans have been trying for centuries to battle hair loss. Now, we have a chance.

by David Hopkins

The Concussion Myth

Over the last two decades, the world has learned a lot about brain injuries. But now there are more questions than answers. There’s also a lot of confusion, fear, and unsubstantiated flimflam.

by Michael J. Mooney

The Depression Test

Most people with depression never get treated. But what if everyone got screened at their regular checkups?

by Peter Simek

The Kids Are All Right

How do you make sure your children have a happy life? Allow them to struggle.

by Annie Wiles

The Science Behind Preventing Teen Suicide

Teens who have attempted suicide are at high risk for a second attempt. But there are ways to help them.

by Peter Simek

The Gene Genie

New genetic editing technology has opened the door to erasing the mutations in our DNA.

by Alex Macon

Taking on America's Biggest Killer

Your risk of heart disease could be largely eliminated by mutating just one gene.

by Peter Simek

What We Know About Your Prostate

Generations of men underwent prostate cancer tests during an aggressive screening regimen. Then, the screenings stopped. Now doctors are reevaluating just how worried men should be about their prostate.

by Michael J. Mooney

The Team That's Doubling Cancer Survival Rates

When patients are diagnosed with stage 4 kidney cancer, they have only a 1-in-10 chance of survival. Here, the odds are substantially higher.

by Matt Goodman

The Luminary

Donald Seldin was a legend among his students and across the country. He changed the course of modern medicine with his visionary brand of humane practice — combining research, academia, and patient, thoughtful care.

Chuck Dandridge – Hoping Together

Chuck’s days are filled with the normal moments he wasn’t sure he’d ever have again thanks to a newly modified stem cell transplant.

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