UT Southwestern MyChart

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MyChart is UT Southwestern Medical Center’s secure, online health management tool that allows you to make appointments and easily communicate with your physician and clinic with routine questions about health care.

You can access MyChart directly or through UT Southwestern’s new patient care mobile app – UTSWMyCare.

The UTSWMyCare app is all about your care. With our app, you can do all the things you normally do on MyChart, plus enjoy streamlined video visits, get wayfinding assistance, access shuttle and ride-share services, and more.

Both MyChart and the UTSWMyCare app are easy to use and navigate. And they are available whenever needed – from home or at work or wherever you may be – so you won’t have to wait until your clinic or physician’s office is open.

Log in to MyChart or access all MyChart details in this helpful MyChart brochure. Information about the UTSWMyCare app can be found here.

An Introduction to MyChart

Watch our introductory MyChart video to learn how MyChart can help you better manage your health care needs online—from keeping records current and ordering prescription refills to talking with your doctors and much, much more.

MyChart Benefits

Additional Benefits:

  • Send secure messages to health care providers
  • View laboratory and imaging results
  • View current medications prescribed by UT Southwestern physicians
  • View immunization records

Additional MyChart Videos

Our instructional videos may help you find what you need in UT Southwestern MyChart.

Introducing Hello Patient

Hello Patient works with the MyChart app on your smartphone to assist with the arrival and check-in process for your appointment. Hello Patient uses geographical location information to allow you to check in once you’ve arrived at your provider’s building. To use Hello Patient, you must have the MyChart mobile app installed on your smartphone.

Benefits for Patients

  • Enables patients to self check-in on their mobile iOS or Android device.
  • Provides a safe, alternative option for patients who prefer limited interaction during the check-in process.
  • Allows patients to bypass kiosk stations or the front desk and go directly to their clinic waiting area.

How do I use Hello Patient?

  • Open the MyChart app on your smartphone by tapping the icon.
  • After the Appointment Arrival pop-up appears, use “Go to Settings” or “Enable” and follow the on-screen prompts.
  • In your smartphone’s settings for MyChart, ensure that notifications are on and the location is set to “always.”
  • The notification and location settings are now enabled for MyChart, and you can use the app to arrive and check in for your appointment.

Can I use this feature without enabling geolocation?

Yes! If you prefer not to turn on location services, you can still use contactless self check-in.

  • Go into the MyChart app once you arrive at the clinic.
  • Press the “I’m here” button on the banner at the top of the page.


//  Your Enrollment

What is MyChart?

MyChart is your personal on-line health resource that allows you to communicate with your healthcare providers, request appointments and prescription renewals, and access portions of your UT Southwestern electronic medical record using an encrypted, secure internet connection.

Who can participate?

All patients who are at least 18 years of age and and under the care of a UT Southwestern provider will be enrolled in MyChart.

How do I sign up?

All new patients (18 years and older) to UT Southwestern will be automatically enrolled. If you are a patient and currently not using MyChart but wish to, simple contact your provider's clinic and they will enroll you.

Who do I contact if I have further questions?

Please call the MyChart HelpLine during normal business hours at 214-648-8888 if you have any questions about your MyChart account that are not addressed here. Please remember that MyChart is a tool to enhance your health care experience at UT Southwestern. If you have an urgent matter or question about your health condition, always contact your UT Southwestern clinic directly by telephone.

Is my activation code my MyChart Username?

No, your activation code is not your MyChart Username or password. You will use this code only once to log into MyChart for the first time. (The code will expire after you have used it or after 60 days). During your first MyChart session, you will create your own unique MyChart Username and password.

Can I share my Health Information with a Third Party app?

If you would like to use a third party application (app) to access and import your Health Information, UT Southwestern Medical Center gives you the ability to share your information. You must have an active MyChart account because the security you set – user name and password – is your authentication for MyChart to share designated information with the app.

//  Your Medical Record

When can I see my test results in MyChart?

Your test results are released to your MyChart account 2-4 days after they are finalized.

Why are certain test results not shared electronically via MyChart?

Test results of a very sensitive nature are not automatically released through MyChart. Results of unreleased tests will be communicated to you by your ordering provider. There are a number of tests whose results are stored in ancillary systems, which cannot be displayed through MyChart. You will have to contact your provider's office for those results.

Some of my health information on MyChart is not correct. How can I get this corrected?

Your MyChart information comes directly from your electronic medical record at your doctor's office. Ask your doctor to correct any inaccurate information at your next clinic visit. Your health information is reviewed and updated in your electronic medical record each visit. Patients can also request to amendments to their medical record by contacting the UT Southwestern Health Information Management Office at 214-645-3030.

If I send a message to my doctor, when can I expect a reply?

Please use MyChart to communicate only issues of a non-urgent nature to your clinic. Your question will be handled in the same manner as telephone calls to your provider. You can expect a reply within 24 hours, Monday through Friday. Please know, in some cases, your provider may ask you to make an appointment to discuss your question.

//  After You Have Enrolled

Can you send me a new activation code if I have lost it, let it expire or did not receive it?

If you have lost your activation code, did not receive it or let it expire, contact the MyChart HelpLine during normal business hours at 214-648-8888 for assistance in obtaining a new activation code.

Can I create my own password and change it when I want?

Yes, you can. Please keep your password confidential, and do not share it with anyone else. You can change your password online at any time by logging into MyChart and selecting the "Change password" option under the My Account section. Your password is not known by anyone at UT Southwestern.

I forgot my password. What should I do?

At the sign-in screen for MyChart click “Forgot password”. You will be asked for some information and then the password “hint” you created while enrolling will be emailed to you.

When I try to login, what should I do if MyChart keeps telling me "login unsuccessful"?

Make sure your Caps Lock key is not on. The password field is case sensitive. Make sure you do not enter extra spaces in either the MyChart ID or password boxes and try again. If you have forgotten your MyChart ID or password, click on the “Forgot Username?” or “Forgot Password?” link and fill in the form.

I am not receiving alerts to my regular email when I have new MyChart information. What is wrong?

Sign onto MyChart and go to the My Account section, then click "Change Demographics". Be sure that your email address has been accurately entered. Make any changes needed, then click the "Accept Changes" button.

Where can I update my personal information (e.g., home address, e-mail or change my password)?

Log into MyChart and from the left menu, go to the My Account section and select the appropriate option.

//  Your Privacy & Security

How is my personal health information secured by MyChart?

Your MyChart personal health information is carried over a secure, encrypted connection. This secure connection utilizes industry standard Secure Socket Layer (SSL) 128-bit encryption as well as server-side digital certificate authentication to ensure secure data transmission between you and UT Southwestern. To prohibit unauthorized access, all medical information is stored safely behind our firewall in our electronic medical record system.

What is UT Southwestern's Privacy Policy?

The UT Southwestern Medical Center at Dallas has in place detailed policies and procedures regarding access to all medical records by our staff and employees and has carefully outlined the circumstances under which your medical information may be released to parties outside the organization. These policies conform to state and federal law and are designed to safeguard your privacy.

MyChart logged me out! What happened?

MyChart wants to protect your privacy. While logged into MyChart, if your keyboard remains idle for 15 minutes or more, you will be automatically logged out of MyChart. Any information you have typed will be lost. We recommend that you log out of your MyChart session if you need to leave your computer.

What are the minimum requirements to access MyChart?

PC, Mac, or WebTV

Supported Browsers:

  • Internet Explorer 10.0, 9.0, 8.0
  • Firefox 24.x and above
  • Safari 5.x on Mac/Windows
  • Google Chrome 30.x and above
  • Session Cookies enabled

Optional Features:

  • Javascript enabled (highly recommended)
  • 128-bit SSL capability (for secure messaging)
My activation code doesn't work, what should I do?

For your security, your access code expires after 60 days and is no longer valid after the first time you use it. If you allow yours to expire, contact the MyChart HelpLine during normal business hours at 214-648-8888 for assistance in obtaining a new activation code.

Setting up Text Alerts

MyChart can send text message reminders about:

  • Upcoming appointments
  • Appointment updates
  • Earlier open appointments
  • Billing statements

To set up text alerts:

  1. Log in to MyChart.
  2. Select Preferences from the top of the page.
  3. Select Notifications from the drop-down menu.
  4. Select the Text option.
  5. Choose which notifications you’d like to receive.

More Information

If you have questions or would like more information, call the MyChart HelpLine during business hours at 214-648-8888.

View the MyChart Privacy Policy and Terms and Conditions.