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Rozina Mithani, M.D. Answers Questions On Reflux

Rozina Mithani, M.D. Answers Questions On: Reflux

How do you treat reflux?

Reflux has traditionally been treated with medications, such as proton pump inhibitors, and many patients experience good relief with these medications. I also talk to my patients abut dietary modifications, lifestyle modifications, and other natural remedies to help control their reflux.

I personally don't believe in over-medicating patients. I often end up taking patients off of medication they don't need or no longer need because their disease has now evolved.

For patients with esophageal reflux who don't have a good response to traditional therapies, an additional intervention such as surgery or endoscopic therapies might be required.

Is there a downside to using proton pump inhibitors?

Some patients are concerned about staying on this type of medicine long term because of long-term side effects such as the potential for bone fractures. If they have these concerns, alternatives include lifestyle changes and the use of other medications.

How can patients prepare for their first appointment with you?

It's important for patients to know and write down what they want to get out of the visit. A lot of times patients are dealing with an issue that's been bothering them for a while, but something in particular prompts them to finally seek medical therapy. Is it because something has changed? Is there a family member who had something happen? Have they read or seen something in the media?

I want to make sure we address that as we work through the actual treatment options. Because it can take a while to get patients to where they want to be, I want to ensure we're addressing the immediate issues as well as the long-term problem.