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Laser resurfacing can rejuvenate your face and skin

Discover how laser skin resurfacing helps reduce the appearance of age-related skin conditions such as discoloration, wrinkles, and rosacea.

Prevent pimples and avoid ‘maskne’ with pregnancy-safe acne treatments

Even dermatologists can get hormonal acne, a common and frustrating side effect of pregnancy. See which treatments expecting mom Melissa Mauskar, M.D., uses and recommends for clearer skin.

Masks are essential; ‘maskne’ is not: How to avoid pandemic skin problems

Mask acne, or "maskne," has become an annoying side effect of COVID-19 and the need to wear a face covering. Masks are going to remain essential during the pandemic, so here are some simple and effective ways to prevent and treat maskne if it flares up on you.