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All Ben Levine, M.D.


How doctors squeeze in exercise, and how you can, too

Doctors aren’t immune to letting life get in the way of staying physically active. Dr. Levine discusses how he works exercise into his daily routine.


The heart of a champion: Triathlon training with heart failure

A triathlon coach and competitor shares his story of staying active with heart failure.


Running marathons at 74? How exercise keeps the heart young

Dallas marathoner Rio King is still running strong in his 70s. Learn how exercise can keep your heart young and fit as you age.


How high-altitude training can benefit elite endurance athletes like runners and swimmers

Altitude training gives elite runners and swimmers a competitive edge, but the “live high, train low” lifestyle may benefit anyone’s heart.


Can pre-competition ECG testing save young athletes’ lives?

Can we do more to prevent sudden cardiac death in student-athletes through ECGs? We examine this controversial question.


A cardiology powerhouse – and now a community resource

Meet our Cardiology leaders and learn how they’re reaching out to physicians in the community to enhance referral access and become the go-to resource for specialized heart care.


Pre-sports heart screenings: What parents and athletes need to know

Parents want to protect their kids, even if it means keeping them out of sports. Dr. Levine explains why pre-sports ECG testing may do more harm than good.


The ‘best’ cardio workout for a healthy heart

Regular exercise is important to heart health. Dr. Levine discusses what’s involved in the “best” heart-healthy exercise routine.


Is extreme exercise – like endurance swimming – bad for your heart?

Ben Lecomte is attempting to swim across the Pacific Ocean. Our cardiology team will be monitoring his heart from the first plunge to the final paddle.