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David Nelson, M.D.

Closing gaps in postpartum care: the IMPACT study

Learn how the patient-centric IMPACT study is measuring the effectiveness of virtual checkups to reduce postpartum mortality and reduce social barriers to health care.

Studying the connection between anxiety and preterm birth

Patients with a history of preterm birth have higher rates and severity scores of anxiety, according to a new study conducted at UT Southwestern Medical Center.

Responsibility and pride: First month of fatherhood full of learning

New dad Dr. Nelson shares his story of the first month of fatherhood and offers tips.

Goodbye, sleep; Hello, fatherhood: Life as a new dad

Dr. Stewart describes the ups and downs of becoming a father for the first time, and how it’s changed his views on healthcare and life.

Understanding and managing morning sickness

The doctors at UT Southwestern in Dallas explain how women can overcome some symptoms of morning sickness through diet and other means.