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Endometrial Ablation

Treating a common but overlooked source of severe period pain can limit hysterectomies

Kimberly Kho, M.D., discusses adenomyosis, an often misdiagnosed condition that causes severe menstrual cramps and bleeding.

Heavy periods and pelvic pain aren't 'normal' – uterine fibroids might be to blame

Too many women accept uterine fibroid symptoms such as heavy periods, abdominal bulkiness, and pelvic pain as normal. But they don’t have to! Learn about treatment options from medication to surgery in this week’s MedBlog. Read more.

Endometrial ablation: A popular solution to abnormal bleeding for select patients

Treatment for abnormal bleeding – such as spotting throughout an entire month or heavy flow during periods – typically starts with birth control medication. However, if that proves to be ineffective, many women turn to endometrial ablation. Learn more.