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Head and Neck Cancer

AI improving treatments for diabetes, depression, cancer, and more

Artificial intelligence and deep machine learning are being used in a variety of ways to enhance medical research and potentially improve patient care at UT Southwestern.

Fluorescent nanoprobe lights the way to reducing spread of cancer cells

An “illuminating” agent discovered by UT Southwestern and developed by OncoNano Medicine, Inc., spotlights peritoneal tumors, helping surgeons find and remove more metastatic cancer.

How theranostics seeks, finds, and destroys metastatic cancer

Theranostics, an advanced combination of diagnostic and targeted therapy technology, uses radiopharmaceuticals to seek, find, and eliminate metastatic cancer cells while sparing healthy tissue. It is now available at UT Southwestern for pancreatic, thyroid, and several other cancers.

DARTBOARD: Novel head & neck cancer trial targets personalized, daily radiation therapy

David Sher, M.D. explains how a new clinical trial for head and neck cancer patients will study daily adaptive radiotherapy using tumor targeting driven by an AI-driven algorithm developed by UT Southwestern.

Precision medicine, immunotherapy drive largest single-year drop in cancer deaths

Cancer death rates have dropped nearly 30% since 1991, and more that 2% between 2016 and 2017 alone – the biggest one-year drop on record. The driver has been precision medicine, an approach that focuses on personalization and collaboration. Learn more now.

HPV vaccine: Preventing a sexually transmitted cancer

More than 95% of sexually active adults will be infected with HPV at some point in their lives and never know it. In addition, HPV is linked to 34,800 cases of cancer in America every year. But recent changes to the HPV vaccine guidelines provide hope in preventing HPV-related cancer. Find out more.

Beating the social, emotional side effects of HPV-related head and neck cancer treatment

HPV-related head and neck cancer is increasing among young adults, but traditional treatments can affect how patients look, talk, and even eat – huge factors on a first date. Find out how Baran Sumer, M.D., helps patients beat cancer and minimize socially awkward side effects.

HPV: The infection behind a throat cancer epidemic

HPV, a common sexually transmitted infection, causes throat cancer in young adults. Dr. Sumer explains how a vaccine may be able to curb the epidemic.