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Your Pregnancy Matters

C-section knowledge is power: Benefits of new patient education and surgery protocols

Patient education is a main component of enhanced recovery after cesarean section. Safety protocols can improve recovery and your experience.

Pediatrics; Your Pregnancy Matters

When your baby is born with less than 10 fingers and 10 toes

When an ultrasound showed the Menous’ son would have limb differences, they started researching ways to give him a healthy start. Get their tips in this week’s blog.


Personalizing birth control to minimize health risks

Certain types of birth control can cause health risks, such as blood clots. But personalized planning can help patients choose a safe, effective option. Learn more.

Pediatrics; Your Pregnancy Matters

What a new study tells us about SIDS and safe infant sleep practices

A new study may shed light on a potential cause of SIDS. UT Southwestern’s Michelle Caraballo, M.D., discusses what the research means and the importance of safe infant sleep practices.

Diet and Nutrition; Women's Health; Your Pregnancy Matters

Managing pregnancy when mom has an eating disorder

Psychiatrist Carrie McAdams, M.D., Ph.D., discusses concerns that women with eating disorders have regarding pregnancy and the challenges they may face.

Patient Stories; Women's Health

For Mother's Day, 6 stories of survival

A mother's strength – and will to live – is reflected in six amazing stories of survival from UT Southwestern.

Heart; Your Pregnancy Matters

Cardio-obstetrics: Improving care for pregnant patients with heart disease

Rina Mauricio, M.D., explains how UT Southwestern's expert cardio-obstetrics team collaborates to provide the best care for pregnant patients with heart conditions.

Your Pregnancy Matters

Treating mild hypertension in pregnancy is safe and beneficial, study shows

A new study has flipped the script on mild hypertension care in pregnancy. Robyn Horsager-Boehrer, M.D., explores the data on the Your Pregnancy Matters blog.

Your Pregnancy Matters

What women should know about chickenpox, vaccination, and pregnancy

Chickenpox can present a danger to pregnant women and their babies. Robyn Horsager-Boehrer explains who may be at risk and what complications chickenpox can cause.

Your Pregnancy Matters

10 tips for handling and holding a newborn

Nervous about holding a newborn? Pediatrician Jessica Morse, M.D., discusses tips and techniques for holding the new baby in your life.