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James de Lemos, M.D.

Why belly fat is dangerous and how to control it

Obesity is a major issue in the United States, but the latest research suggests we may need to change the way we look at fat, specifically belly fat.

Medication as effective as stents, bypass for treating blocked arteries, major study shows

A landmark study has confirmed that, in certain patients with chest pain and abnormal stress tests, drug therapy can be just as effective as bypass or stents to prevent heart attack. In this MedBlog, James De Lemos, M.D., discusses how the findings can help patients save time and money, plus reduce unnecessary risks.

It’s time to rethink taking daily, low-dose aspirin

Taking low-dose aspiring regularly might not be the best treatment for patients who have not had a heart attack or stroke. A doctor at UT Southwestern in Dallas discusses the best use of aspirin.