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Lung Transplant

Transplant reunion celebrates donors, survivors, and second chances

At the UT Southwestern transplant reunion, recipients and their families pay tribute to those who have sacrificed and given them the gift of life.

Dad with ALS saves four other people's lives

ALS, or Lou Gehrig's disease, slowly robbed Rupesh Kotiya of his ability to speak, move, and breathe on his own. But the neurodegenerative disease could not take away his chance to help others. He made the ultimate sacrifice and set a lasting example for his two young sons.

Robotic bronchoscopy offers minimally invasive, earlier lung cancer diagnosis

UT Southwestern is one of the first centers using robotic bronchoscopy as a diagnostic tool for deep lung lesions that previously were difficult to access without surgery.

Lung transplant team provides relief for patients post-COVID-19

The Post-COVID-19 Lung Clinic at UT Southwestern has helped more than 100 patients who were having difficult breathing months after being diagnosed with COVID-19.

Cystic fibrosis breakthrough: 3-drug combo pill may benefit 90% of patients

A new 3-drug combo drug for cystic fibrosis has been approved by the FDA. TRIKAFTA offers life-changing treatment potential for approximately 90% of patients with the disease. In this MedBlog, discover who is eligible and how the drug works. Learn more.

Why lung transplant rejection is more normal – and treatable – than most think

Acute rejection of a lung transplant is surprisingly normal; 40 to 50 percent of transplant patients deal with it during the first year after surgery. Discover why Dr. Fernando Torres says these rejections are very treatable through medication at home or at the doctor’s office.

Lung transplant: The harrowing journey from donor to recipient

An organ’s trek from donor to recipient is a well-choreographed, sometimes dramatic, process. Dr. Michael Wait takes readers along the lungs’ journey.