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Your Pregnancy Matters

Can breastfeeding increase heart disease risk?

While breastfeeding is known to benefit babies, recent research suggests it might worsen symptoms of two types of heart disease. In this Your Pregnancy Matters MedBlog, Shivani Patel, M.D., discusses these risks and the potential heart-health benefits of breastfeeding.

Your Pregnancy Matters

Pregnancy and social media: When influencers affect health decisions

Social media influencers are paid to promote certain products, which can be risky to pregnant women. In this week’s blog, Robyn Horsager, M.D., discusses what pregnant women should know about social media influencer posts and what to do when a product is appealing.

Your Pregnancy Matters

Can I go to the dentist when I’m pregnant?

Many pregnant women think they have to skip their dental appointments until after their baby comes. The truth is, for most women, routine dental care during pregnancy is safe – and recommended. Ask your dentist these seven questions ahead of time so your appointment goes smoothly.

Your Pregnancy Matters

Yoga and pregnancy: A safe, effective fitness option for moms-to-be

Yoga has a number of benefits for pregnant women: it can help reduce pain and anxiety and help promote better interpersonal relationships. Learn how yoga can lead to a healthier pregnancy, as well as gentle poses to try.

Your Pregnancy Matters

Is massage safe during pregnancy?

Body changes during pregnancy can be taxing on the back and legs. While a massage might sound heavenly, pregnant women need to follow certain guidelines to prevent preterm labor or infections.

Your Pregnancy Matters

Which over-the-counter cold medications are safe during pregnancy?

During cold season, we get a lot of questions about what over-the-counter medications are safe to take during pregnancy. Dr. Horsager discusses which drugs are safe and which to skip.