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Planning for a Baby

Why the skin condition hidradenitis suppurativa complicates pregnancy

Pregnant patients with hidradenitis suppurativa, an inflammatory skin condition, face a higher risk of pregnancy complications. Explore why and see how to safely manage HS.

Alphabet soup! Your guide to pregnancy-related abbreviations

Confused by some of the abbreviations and acronyms in your digital pregnancy care chart? Check out our guide to common pregnancy-related shorthand.

PeriPAN: Getting pregnant and postpartum women mental health care faster

Our Ob/Gyns and psychiatrists are teamed up in PeriPAN, a new state pilot program to provide quicker mental health care access for pregnant and postpartum women.

Self-serve birth control? The future of OTC contraceptives

All women deserve safe, effective birth control should they want it. Shivani Patel, M.D., talks about how we can improve access to contraception while keeping women safe and healthy.

Acetaminophen is still safe in pregnancy, despite controversy

Despite a class-action lawsuit raising concerns, research suggests short-term use of pain-relief medications such as Tylenol is safe for most pregnant patients.

6 ways to embrace a more positive body image during and after pregnancy

More than half of women are unhappy with their body in the weeks before and after childbirth. Robyn Horsager-Boehrer, M.D., shares tips to help improve perinatal body image.

Risk of anxiety, depression doubles in hospitalized pregnant patients

The risk of anxiety and depression symptoms double in hospitalized pregnant patients. UT Southwestern provides specific treatment and support options for patients and families.

Answers to 6 burning questions about yeast infection during pregnancy

Yeast infections are common and uncomfortable, especially during pregnancy. Get answers to common questions about treatment and prevention.

Cesarean scar ectopic pregnancy: Facts and treatment options

Cesarean scar ectopic pregnancy is a rare, life-threatening complication after a prior C-section. Explore treatments and patient choices involved in this rare condition.

Comprehensive tests for fertility may help estimate chance of getting pregnant – now or later

Whether you’re waiting to get pregnant for career or other reasons, a fertility assessment may help determine the chances of having a baby in your 30s.

Kangaroo care: Health benefits for newborns and parents

Kangaroo care, or skin-to-skin contact, has many doctor-recognized benefits for newborns and parents. Research suggests it can reduce postpartum depression risk by 25%.

3 key topics to discuss at postpartum visits

Postpartum care should be the start of ongoing health maintenance, not just a one-time visit. Here are 3 topics to discuss with your Ob/Gyn after having a baby.

What a new study tells us about SIDS and safe infant sleep practices

A new study may shed light on a potential cause of SIDS. UT Southwestern’s Michelle Caraballo, M.D., discusses what the research means and the importance of safe infant sleep practices.

Cardio-obstetrics: Improving care for pregnant patients with heart disease

Rina Mauricio, M.D., explains how UT Southwestern's expert cardio-obstetrics team collaborates to provide the best care for pregnant patients with heart conditions.

Treating mild hypertension in pregnancy is safe and beneficial, study shows

A new study has flipped the script on mild hypertension care in pregnancy. Robyn Horsager-Boehrer, M.D., explores the data on the Your Pregnancy Matters blog.