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COVID; Your Pregnancy Matters

Is it safe to get pregnant during the COVID-19 pandemic?

As the COVID-19 pandemic continues, women are trying to decide whether they should delay having a baby. Dr. Robyn Horsager-Boehrer offers valuable guidance to help with this very personal decision.

Your Pregnancy Matters

BOTOX for migraines, and more pregnancy-safe treatment options

If you get migraines, you can still have a healthy pregnancy. Explore safe treatment options, including BOTOX, in this week's Your Pregnancy Matters blog.

COVID; Your Pregnancy Matters

Pregnancy, anxiety, and the pandemic: 4 ways to manage symptoms

Anxiety among pregnant patients has doubled during the pandemic. Consider these 4 ways to manage symptoms before, during, and after pregnancy.

COVID; Your Pregnancy Matters

Is it safe for pregnant moms to take a road trip during COVID-19?

The classic road trip is making a comeback for pregnant patients who prefer not to fly during the pandemic. Get tips for safe travels in this Your Pregnancy Matters blog.

Your Pregnancy Matters

5 tips on natural childbirth from an Ob/Gyn who experienced it

Considering natural childbirth? Prepare for the big day with five tips from Kyler Elwell-Silver, M.D., who had her third baby with no epidural in 2019.

Your Pregnancy Matters

Is electronic fetal monitoring worthwhile?

Electronic fetal monitoring has its benefits but can't tell us everything about a baby's health during labor. See how the tool is most effective in this Your Pregnancy Matters blog.

COVID; Your Pregnancy Matters

6 FAQs about COVID-19, pregnancy, and adjusting at home

As the pandemic continues, pregnant patients are asking more questions about COVID-19. Get answers to 6 coronavirus FAQs on the Your Pregnancy Matters blog.

Cancer; Your Pregnancy Matters

Can uterine fibroids harm my pregnancy?

Large or multiple uterine fibroids can pose risks to mom and baby during pregnancy. Find out why in this week's Your Pregnancy Matters blog.

Women's Health; Your Pregnancy Matters

What women and men need to know about reproductive coercion

Reproductive coercion is a type of intimate partner violence in which an abuser exerts power and control over a victim’s reproductive health and decisions. Dr. Shivani Patel discusses the ways reproductive coercion can manifest and how your health care provider can help.

Your Pregnancy Matters

Baby it’s cold outside! Tips to manage pregnancy during winter

Pregnancy can be uncomfortable during any season. But not everything about being pregnant in the winter is bad. Dr. Robyn Horsager-Boehrer offers tips for dealing with pregnancy in the cold.