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Diet and Nutrition; Heart; Prevention

Tackling the dual challenges of AFib and weight wellness

Research shows that a 10% weight loss can reverse atrial fibrillation progression. Explore our unique Atrial Fibrillation Wellness Program to support patients with AFib through weight wellness.

Diet and Nutrition; Digestive; Prevention

Bariatric endoscopy offers nonsurgical option for prime weight loss

UT Southwestern’s Endobariatric Program offers a minimally invasive alternative to bariatric surgery for major weight loss. Anna Tavakkoli, M.D., discusses how ESG, endoscopic sleeve gastroplasty, helps patients lose significant weight when traditional lifestyle interventions, like diet and exercise, are ineffective.

Diet and Nutrition; Prevention

New anti-obesity drugs are closing gap between dieting and bariatric surgery

“Eat less, move more” is not a long-term weight management solution. But anti-obesity medications like GLP-1 agonists can change a patient’s relationship with food so they can focus on creating healthy, sustainable habits.

Plastic Surgery

Tailoring the dress or suit: The benefits of skin removal surgery after major weight loss

Living with loose, excess skin after bariatric surgery or massive weight loss interferes with self-confidence and quality of life. Dr. Al Aly is one of the pioneers in plastic surgery procedures that have given patients the body shape and look that reflects their new, healthier lifestyle.

Your Pregnancy Matters

Bariatric surgery and pregnancy: Answers to patients' FAQs

Obesity can increase the risk of fertility and pregnancy complications. Discover how weight loss surgery can help both men and women become parents.

Diet and Nutrition; Digestive

Robotic bariatric surgery: A new weapon in the fight against obesity

Weight-loss surgery has evolved dramatically in the last 20 years, and now the newest weapon in the fight against obesity is available at UT Southwestern: Robotic bariatric surgery. Learn about the advantages of the new technology from bariatric surgeon and division chief Benjamin Schneider, M.D., in this week’s MedBlog.

Your Pregnancy Matters

Should I have bariatric surgery before my pregnancy?

If you are severely overweight and want to become pregnant, you need a plan that might include bariatric surgery. A UT Southwestern doctor gives you 3 things to think about.