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All Robert Stewart, M.D.

Your Pregnancy Matters

Soon-to-be dads: How to help – and what not to say – during pregnancy

Guys: Expecting a baby? Dr. Stewart offers advice for supporting moms-to-be – and tips for what not to say to a pregnant woman!

Your Pregnancy Matters

What fetal heart rate monitoring can – and can’t – tell us

Fetal heart rate monitors are useful tools for alerting physicians to potential problems during labor and delivery, but they have limitations in what they can do.

Your Pregnancy Matters

Ice cream and listeria: Information for pregnant women

Pregnant women who have recently eaten Blue Bell Ice Cream may be at risk of listeria infection.

Your Pregnancy Matters

What if I have an infectious disease and want to get pregnant?

For women who have an infectious disease and are pregnant, early intervention is important.