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Self-serve birth control? The future of OTC contraceptives

All women deserve safe, effective birth control should they want it. Shivani Patel, M.D., talks about how we can improve access to contraception while keeping women safe and healthy.

Birth control and breast cancer: What’s the real risk?

Should women stop using hormonal birth control because of a slightly increased risk of breast cancer? Dr. Bruce Carr says no. Discover how to weigh the risks and benefits of these contraceptives and others.

Nearing the end of pregnancy? Time to talk birth control

The time to think about birth control after having a baby is during pregnancy. Dr. Patel discusses options, including placing an IUD right after birth.

Would an IUD or birth control implant work for me?

More women are using long-acting reversible contraception methods – IUDs and birth control implants. What are the benefits and risks, and are they effective?