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Tips to avoid stress eating for a better diet and a healthy heart

Chronic stress can contribute to heart disease. Compensating for stress by eating makes it worse. The good news is that we can avoid stress eating with some simple steps.

Wine and heart health: How much benefit does it provide?

Many studies have shown that alcohol, consumed in moderation, can be beneficial to your health – and that includes your heart.

Symptoms of heart disease in women

Cardiac Disease in Men and Women: Yes, there are differences Bill Cosby once joked that “Men and women belong to different species and communications between them is still in its infancy.”

Case Study: Adult Congenital Heart Disease Program

Courtney Peets was born a “blue baby.” When she was 17, doctors closed her VSD and placed a pulmonary homograft. In adulthood, she experienced recurrent CHF at 37 weeks of pregnancy and delivered a healthy boy.