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Follow the clues to find hope for advanced heart failure

A diagnosis of advanced heart failure sounds ominous, but the key to managing the condition is detecting it early. Dr. Mark Drazner, Chief of Cardiology at UT Southwestern, shares six simple clues that can help patients recognize advanced heart failure so they get the specialized treatment they need.

The heart of a champion: Triathlon training with heart failure

A triathlon coach and competitor shares his story of staying active with heart failure.

The Faces of heart Failure

With Heart Failure Week underway, meet some of the patients who depend on UT Southwestern for their heart health care.

Davy’s story: Getting creative to save a heart failure patient

Davy came to us with two medical devices implanted in his heart. With his life on the line, we gave him two more to save him.

A New Heart helped Dana Return to the Stage

Life after a heart transplant

Can doubling exercise reduce heart failure risk?

New research suggests 150 minutes of moderate aerobic exercise a week may not be enough to prevent chronic heart failure.

Could a machine help regrow an injured heart?

“We found that patients with mechanical assist devices have the ability to make their muscle cells divide,” says Hesham Sadek, M.D., Ph.D., Assistant Professor of Internal Medicine and the study’s senior author. “The obvious question now is, ‘Are these hearts regenerating? Could LVADs be used as a cure for heart failure?’”

One patient’s story of ignoring symptoms: ‘I was dying’

It’s so important to take action when something isn’t right with your health. Every day, we see patients who have ignored symptoms for years.

On Listening, Learning, and Identifying a New Heart Failure Symptom

Active listening is an essential part of being a great physician and is oftentimes the most important tool in the assessment of a patient.