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Rare Double Transplant Keeps Life Playing for Texas Musician

Andie Kay Joyner shares the story of the heart and liver transplant that gave her a renewed purpose in life.


Heart of the Matter: A Two-Sided Tale

Desperately ill heart patient Davy Hobson came to UT Southwestern for treatment on – of all days, Valentine’s Day – seemingly short on options. But his odds increased considerably when UTSW specialists took a creative approach to save his life while they awaited a heart for transplant.


Victories and tears: How the heart transplant team holds it together

The heart transplant journey is a long, emotional one – and not just for the patient. Dr. Drazner discusses how the process affects him and his team.


Genetics and the heart: Using your family’s past to see into the future

Genetic testing reassures a woman she has not inherited her mother’s troublesome heart genes.