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All lung cancer


Late-stage lung cancer

Promising new treatment approaches—including ones developed at UT Southwestern—are steadily improving care for patients with metastatic lung cancer.


Locally advanced lung cancer

Treatments for locally advanced lung malignancies run the gamut of cancer care. So does the lung cancer expertise at Simmons Cancer Center.


Providing a clearer view to lung cancer’s pathways and metabolic process

Advanced imaging technology, a quarter century of foundational radiological studies, and extensive resources focused on lung cancer and metabolism are bearing fruit in innovative new research at UT Southwestern.


Why do nonsmokers get lung cancer?

Nonsmoker? That doesn’t mean lung cancer won’t strike. There are many causes for lung cancer, and advanced treatment options, too. Add your voice –#CallOutCancer today.


A new tool in the fight against lung cancer: SBRT

Stereotactic body radiation therapy (SBRT) at UT Southwestern in Dallas provides minimally invasive lung cancer treatment in an outpatient setting.


How new treatments seek and destroy lung cancer cells

Researchers at UT Southwestern are developing drugs that target lung cancer cell mutations to treat cancer with fewer side effects than traditional methods.


Lung Cancer: Quit Smoking

For smokers aiming to kick the habit, UT Southwestern’s Simmons Cancer Center won’t quit until they do.


Metastatic Lung Cancer

Promising new treatment approaches – including ones developed at UT Southwestern – are steadily improving care for patients with metastatic lung cancer.