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1 in 10 dads experience postpartum depression, anxiety: How to spot the signs

Postpartum depression in dads is real. Learn to recognize the symptoms of paternal postpartum depression.

The ‘fourth trimester’: Why women need health care after delivery

Women need regular health care after childbirth. Seeing a primary care doctor can help decrease women’s health risks postpartum and in future pregnancies.

Lingering abdominal bulge after baby? It could be diastasis recti

Abdominal bulge after pregnancy can be a sign of diastasis recti, a muscle injury. Why to seek care, and how physical therapy can help.

Treating postpartum depression with complementary or alternative medicine

Many patients wonder if there are “natural” treatments they can use to manage or prevent postpartum depression. Dr. Harrison looks at existing complementary and alternative medicines and explains the relative benefits, drawbacks, and why these therapies should be approached with caution.

Body after birth: Treating post-pregnancy problems

The body needs time to heal after childbirth, but persistent pain and incontinence are not normal. Learn to help speed recovery.

Overcoming postpartum depression: Elaine’s story

Elaine Jacobson went through postpartum depression twice. She tells her story to encourage other women to seek support if they have symptoms.

‘Baby blues’ or postpartum depression?

After a baby is born, are you feeling blue, or is it postpartum depression? Two UT Southwestern doctors in Dallas talk about how to tell the difference.