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Prostate Cancer Awareness Guide

Prostate cancer is the second most common cancer in men. Use this guide to understand the risks, treatment options, and more.


Hormone therapy helps some prostate cancer survivors live longer

After prostate gland removal, cancer returns in up to 30% of men. But a 2017 study found that hormone-blockers plus radiation can prevent recurrence.


PSA tests: Can they save men from prostate cancer?

PSA blood tests are controversial in screening for prostate cancer. But Dr. Roehrborn says they save lives.


UTSW teams exceed 1,000 targeted prostate biopsies

Dr. Claus Roehrborn and colleagues in Urology and Radiology are using a new, targeted biopsy method for prostate cancer that’s more effective than standard biopsies – and they’ve just reached a significant milestone.


Treating prostate cancer with radiation

Dr. Folkert explains radiation therapy options for prostate cancer, including a new trial to reduce treatment side effects.


Seeing Is Believing

An enhanced way of imaging prostate cancer is facilitating diagnosis and expanding treatment options.