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Sleep and your mental health

Sleep disorders have a “circular relationship” with such mental illnesses as depression, schizophrenia, bipolar disorder, and post-traumatic stress disorder, which UTSW’s Imran Khawaja, M.D., says can make treatment challenging but not impossible.

Sleep disorders and mental illness go hand in hand

Dr. Khawaja discusses the relationship between sleep and mental illness, as well as treatments to help patients maintain healthy sleep habits.

How a sleep apnea implant may lower your heart disease risk

Sleep apnea can raise the risk for heart disease. A new surgical implant may reduce that risk and treat sleep apnea without CPAP masks and hoses.

Get more sleep with good sleep hygiene

A third of Dallas-Fort Worth residents don’t get enough sleep, putting their health at risk. How a few simple lifestyle changes can get you a few more Zs.

To sleep, perchance to lower your heart disease risk

Can a good night’s sleep lower heart disease risk? Dr. Hill explains why sleep deprivation hurts the heart.