Sleep and Breathing Disorders

Sleep and Breathing Disorders Evaluation

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Patients at UT Southwestern’s Sleep and Breathing Disorders Clinic receive a comprehensive evaluation that helps physicians formulate an accurate diagnosis and an effective treatment plan based on each patient’s individual needs and goals for therapy. 

Clinical evaluation starts with a questionnaire that patients complete and bring to the first appointment. 

New patients should bring the following items to their first appointment:

  • All pertinent medical records (sleep study reports, test results, X-ray films) or verification that our staff has received them from their referring physician
  • CPAP and bilevel PAP equipment, if currently being treated
  • Insurance provider information, including policy/group number
  • Name and telephone number of the referring physician
  • List of current medications and/or supplements 

Sleep Studies

Some patients might need a sleep study, also known as a polysomnogram (PSG), to help accurately diagnose the condition.          

The Sleep and Breathing Disorders Clinic facilities include a sleep laboratory for overnight studies. The laboratory features private bedrooms and bathrooms in a comfortable and spacious testing center that includes equipment to monitor brain and cardiac activity, breathing pauses and snoring, oxygenation, chest and abdominal activity, and limb movements. 

For the study, a sleep technologist places several sensors on the patient’s scalp, face, chest, abdomen, and legs. This procedure is painless and noninvasive. Once the sensors are in place, the patient goes to sleep in a private room. The technologist monitors and digitally records the patient’s sleep patterns throughout the night from a separate room within the lab. 

These measurements can help determine whether any medical conditions are interrupting sleep and causing fatigue during the day. The record is invaluable for helping the UT Southwestern physician determine the source of a condition and how to treat it. 

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The Sleep Study laboratory features private bedrooms and bathrooms in a comfortable and spacious testing center.

Breathing Disorders

For patients with breathing problems related to neuromuscular disorders, our lung specialists will thoroughly evaluate how the functioning of the central or peripheral nervous system can contribute to impairment in the patient’s respiratory system. Specialists can help improve muscle function needed for effective respiration by accurately diagnosing any relationship between neurological and neuromuscular disorders.