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Ken Westover, M.D., Ph.D. Answers Questions On Radiation Oncology and Cancer Care

Ken Westover, M.D., Ph.D. Answers Questions On: Radiation Oncology and Cancer Care

What concerns do your patients typically have about receiving radiation?

Patients want to know how they are will feel during treatment. The subtle details of a treatment plan can make a big difference. My goal is to develop the best possible plan for each of my patients, communicate what to expect, and help them through treatment.

How would you describe your approach to cancer care?

I look at cancer from every angle I can. When caring for patients, I work to understand their case and bring the best treatments to bear. I am part of a terrific department and several outstanding teams that enable us to deliver cutting-edge treatments and manage problems if they arise. As a clinician, I strive to push the envelope by improving my practice and the state of the art. As an academic researcher, I constantly look for new openings to advance medical and basic science, often acting as a liaison between the clinical and scientific worlds. I look at cancer from its molecular basis to the physics of radiation treatment. I believe this level of understanding helps us personalize a patient’s care.

What area does your research focus on now?

I’m interested in understanding how certain mutant proteins cause cancer and in developing new cancer drugs.