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A. Thomas Hyslop, M.D. Answers Questions On Birth Planning

A. Thomas Hyslop, M.D. Answers Questions On: Birth Planning

What is your patient care philosophy?

The most important role I can play is being a good listener. By not jumping to conclusions, I can listen to my patients, and they will tell me about their issue. Being patient and giving patients plenty of time to talk lets my patients know that I care. I don’t ever want my patients to feel that I don’t have time to listen to them. Even if an issue is minor, the patient is bringing it up because she is interested in staying healthy and feeling better. Addressing an issue that may seem small promotes wellness.

What is your involvement with birth planning?

Every woman and every family has something that they want to happen during the course of their pregnancy and delivery. Having time along the way to listen and plan for that is important. However, I advise my patients to not have a set order in mind of the way things should go. The ultimate goal is a safe delivery and healthy baby. There may be different ways to achieve this goal. Whether the issue is pain management or how other families will be involved in the delivery, I always involve my patient and her partner to decide what is right for them.

In birth planning it is also important to consider what happens after delivery. After the baby is born, breastfeeding-friendly physicians follow up after delivery. UT Southwestern Medical Center provides excellent breastfeeding education and lactation support to make aftercare successful.

Is there a patient that stands out in your mind?

I think of cases where patients have been pregnant and lost babies early on in their pregnancy. In subsequent pregnancies, I have been able to make interventions either medical or surgical, and the patient stayed pregnant longer. These patients now have a baby that they have wanted so badly. These patient cases are the most rewarding. I have been able to actively make interventions that make a difference and changed this woman and this family’s life.