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When should your child see a pediatric urologist?

Pediatric urologists have special training in children’s conditions that affect the kidney, bladder, urinary tract, and genitalia. Find out what they do and when your child might need urology care.


My brother delayed his COVID-19 vaccine. His health, family, and business paid the price.

Unvaccinated people are more likely to get COVID-19 and be hospitalized for it. Anthony Darrell didn’t think it could happen to him – even though his sister, Sonja Bartolome, M.D., urged him to get the shot.

Your Pregnancy Matters

UTIs during pregnancy are common and treatable

Urinary tract changes during pregnancy create an ideal environment for UTIs. The sooner we test you, the faster we can treat you and reduce possible risks.

Cancer; Women's Health

PARP-1 inhibitors can reduce ovarian cancer recurrence risk by 70% in half of patients

PARP-1 inhibitor drugs can reduce the risk of BRCA- and HRDS-associated ovarian cancer by 70%. New research at UT Southwestern Medical Center may help expand treatment to more patients.


Look beyond breakthrough infections to address COVID-19’s core problems

The increased focus on breakthrough infections, which remain rare and mostly mild, is obscuring the fact that vaccine hesitancy and resistance to mask wearing in public continues to fuel the pandemic.

Your Pregnancy Matters

5 ways to manage swollen legs and feet during pregnancy

Swollen feet are a common yet frustrating side effect of pregnancy. Learn how to reduce your discomfort and risk for complications.

COVID; Pediatrics

More kids are being hospitalized with COVID-19 daily. As parents, we can do better.

As child COVID-19 cases hit record levels, a frontline pediatrician and mom urges parents to do more to protect all kids – including hers – at school.

Pediatrics; Your Pregnancy Matters

5 baby room-sharing tips to reduce the risk of injury and SIDS

Sharing a bed with your baby can result in injury or death. Keep your infant safe with these room-sharing best practices.

Cancer; Pediatrics

CAR T-cell therapy experts push boundaries of pediatric cancer treatment

The pediatric teams for AML therapy with KYMRIAH at UT Southwestern and Children’s Health explore how CAR T-cell technology can treat other cancers. Learn more.


Watch: Living donor liver transplant is a complex, life-saving surgery

Go inside the OR at UT Southwestern Medical Center in Dallas to see a living donor liver transplant surgery. The complex procedure requires a high level of surgical expertise and hospital infrastructure, and the large team that makes it possible at UT Southwestern includes surgeons, transplant hepatologists, nurses, ICU, social workers, psychological support, specialized pharmacology, and many more healthcare professionals.