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COVID-19 and flu: Navigating a potential ‘perfect storm’ this fall

In this year, which has been dominated by the COVID-19 pandemic, experts are warning people to brace for a flu season like no other. UT Southwestern's infectious disease and pediatric specialists offer advice for staying safe and healthy this fall.

Your Pregnancy Matters

Birth control after childbirth: Long-term options for new moms

After childbirth, patients can go home with long-term birth control to avoid an unexpected pregnancy. Learn about three types patients can get in the delivery room.

Back and Spine; COVID

Back pain relief at home: COVID-19 accelerates advances in video spine exams

Back pain can take a major toll on quality of life. Find out how our Spine Care team uses video visits to diagnose and treat patients with back, neck, and nerve pain. Learn more.

COVID; Mental Health

The psychiatrist will see you now (by virtual visit)

Telepsychiatry can increase mental health care access long after the pandemic ends. Kenneth Dekleva, M.D., discusses its benefits and what the future may hold.

Your Pregnancy Matters

Welcoming (someone else's) baby: A surrogate’s delivery story

Nicky Haynes shares her story of giving birth as a gestational carrier during the pandemic. Find out what it was like watching new parents welcome the baby she helped bring into the world.


Are we ready for some football? Risks for fans in the stands during COVID-19

Texas football fans have always gone to great lengths to support their teams. But the Season of COVID-19 is forcing them to call an audible and assess the risks of being a fan in the stands. Respiratory specialist Dr. Sonja Bartolome provides a game plan for safety.


IORT: Treating cancer with internal radiation therapy

With brachytherapy, tiny implements deliver radiation directly to a tumor. And the list of cancers for which it is effective is expanding. Learn more about how UT Southwestern is leading the way in brachytherapy in Texas.

Your Pregnancy Matters

Understanding how 4 abnormal ultrasound findings relate to miscarriage risk

In this #YourPregnancyMatters blog, see pictures of 4 abnormal ultrasound findings and what they might mean for your pregnancy.

Cancer; Men's Health

Genetic testing for prostate cancer: What men and their families should know

Prostate cancer can run in the family. Explore how genetic counseling can help families understand and potentially treat a range of genetic cancers.

COVID; Cancer

No smoke & mirrors: Vaping increases COVID-19 risks in young adults

New research shows that vaping increases the risk of COVID-19 infection and serious complications. Explore the data and get help quitting – virtually.