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Your Pregnancy Matters

No butts about it: Pregnant women still smoke

Though smoking has become less common, many women still smoke during pregnancy. These women don’t deserve to be stigmatized – they need support and honesty to keep themselves and their babies healthy. Learn more.


Ovarian cancer: A step closer to demystifying early detection and prevention

Confirmed: Ovarian cancer begins in the fallopian tubes, not the ovaries. Discover how new research might be the key to overcoming barriers to early detection and prevention.

Your Pregnancy Matters

Preeclampsia: Spot high blood pressure symptoms during or after pregnancy

Preeclampsia, or pregnancy-related high blood pressure, can strike any woman during or after pregnancy – even those who are the picture of health can be at risk for blood clots and stroke. Discover how to spot symptoms and why it’s vital to get help fast.


Tightening the stroke treatment timeline: A plan for North Texas

From the 911 call to hospital intervention, high-quality stroke care relies on strategically budgeted time segments. Dr. Novakovic discusses stroke systems of care and why hospitals of all sizes are crucial to regional success.


Stop the Kidney Stone Madness

Let’s talk about what kidney stones are and why the recurrence rate is so high. Then I’ll let you know about the research my team is doing to try to bring this recurrence number down.


What causes hearing loss and how to prevent it

Hearing loss can't be restored fully, but hearing can be improved for most patients, especially if problems are detected early. Learn more.


Insomnia: Don’t lose sleep over it

A little-known treatment for chronic insomnia offers longer-lasting benefits than medication or sleep hygiene techniques. Cognitive behavioral therapy focusing on insomnia (CBT-I) involves personalized care and group-based therapy. Learn more.

Your Pregnancy Matters

Speak up, be heard: Crucial advice for women after childbirth

As Serena Williams learned in Feb. 2018, life-threatening health complications related to pregnancy can arise in the days after delivery. Discover why it’s vital for women to advocate for themselves and what doctors must do to improve patient care.


Two infections, one option: How an advanced pacemaker saved Dennis’ life

A blood infection meant Dennis McCabe’s pacemaker had to be removed, and putting in another one wasn’t going to be easy. Learn how an advanced leadless pacemaker now keeps Dennis’ heart pumping and keeps him enjoying life.

Your Pregnancy Matters

Crowdsourcing: Can it help get women through pregnancy?

Too often, research focuses on a condition rather than an experience. But PregSource is changing that mindset. Learn how this research study is helping to shape the future of pregnancy care by going straight to the experts – pregnant women – for data.