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Plastic Surgery

3 body-contouring plastic surgery procedures to fight fat and loose skin

Love handles or loose skin can make it tough to feel confident among friends or colleagues. Find out how 3 body-contouring procedures help patients achieve the look and self-confidence they want and what they must do to have lasting results. Learn more.

Your Pregnancy Matters

Donor breast milk: Giving preemies and newborns a healthy start

Donated breast milk helps thousands of babies get a safe, healthy start to life – especially preemies. In August 2019, staff from Clements University Hospital sat down with Mothers’ Milk Bank of North Texas for a Q&A on milk donation and breastfeeding. Get the recap now.


4 major advancements in brain surgery since 2000

Since 2000, brain surgery technology and techniques have evolved to improve patient outcomes. In this week’s MedBlog, Sam Barnett, M.D., discusses what he considers to be the top four advancements in brain tumor care over the last two decades.

Women's Health

New robotic prolapse surgery reduces scars by 80%

A new surgery – available at UT Southwestern – might be the future of pelvic organ prolapse treatment. This surgery technique developed by Maude Carmel, M.D., can manage the uncomfortable, annoying POP symptoms with 80% less scarring. Learn more.

Your Pregnancy Matters

'We will hear you': The power of patient stories in pregnancy care

Ashley Byrnes nearly died from postpartum hemorrhage in 2017. She shared her story with Clements University Hospital staff – and her experience left a lasting impact. In this Your Pregnancy Matters blog, find out how patient stories help us evolve our approach to whole-patient care.


Invisible acoustic neuroma surgery removes tumors with no visible scarring

Invisible acoustic neuroma surgery is an advanced technique for tumor removal that results in no visible scarring. UT Southwestern is one of just two centers in the U.S. to offer this procedure.

Cancer; Dermatology

What does skin cancer look like? Pictures, plus prevention tips

Your Pregnancy Matters

Why women should ‘pump iron’ supplements during pregnancy

Taking prenatal iron supplements helps build up extra blood your body and growing fetus need during pregnancy and delivery. In this Your Pregnancy Matters article, Robyn Horsager-Boehrer offers 6 tips for choosing and taking iron supplements.

Brain; Mental Health

Mindful meditation can reduce stress, risk of cardiovascular disease

An integrative approach to health includes not only good nutrition, adequate exercise and sleep, but also engaging in positive relationships and stress management. The last six decades have brought forth extensive evidence that meditation and the mind-body connection can have tangible effects on your health.


The GI genetics clinic and population-based screening for Lynch syndrome

The UT Southwestern Cancer Genetics Program, in partnership with the Division of Digestive and Liver Diseases, provides specialized care for patients with high-risk gastrointestinal malignancies.