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Babu Welch, M.D.

Moyamoya disease and syndrome: Knowing the difference can prevent a stroke

Moyamoya disease and moyamoya syndrome both reduce blood flow to the brain, increasing the risk of stroke. Babu Welch, M.D., discusses the difference between the two conditions, how we treat them, and how to reduce your risks.

Are stroke sufferers silent victims of COVID-19?

COVID-19 fear and isolation is keeping patients with stroke symptoms from coming to the ER until it’s too late. Babu Welch, M.D., discusses the crisis in this MedBlog.

Meet 13 of Dallas’ best neurosurgeons

D Magazine has named 13 members of the UT Southwestern Department of Neurological Surgery to its 2018 Best Doctors list. Learn how patients benefit from our outstanding care, and meet the neurosurgeons who make it possible.

Repairing brain aneurysms now to prevent strokes later

Dr. Welch explains how brain aneurysms can cause hemorrhagic strokes and what physicians can do to preemptively treat this condition.

Preventing strokes by fixing the brain’s ‘plumbing’

A UT Southwestern doctor in Dallas discusses “flow diversion” as one way to treat brain aneurysms before a stroke.