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Digestive Disease

Common causes of anal or rectal pain, and how to treat them

Discussing anal pain can be embarrassing, but most itching, discomfort, soreness is easy to treat with help from an expert provider.

How to spot H. pylori – an infection that can cause gastritis and ulcers

Most people are infected with H. pylori bacteria but only a few will develop complications such as ulcers or gastric cancer. Learn the symptoms and when to seek care.

Gut health hacks on TikTok: What really works to improve digestive function

Dr. Josephine Ni explains what "gut health" really is, and why TikTok trends like cleanses and supplements probably won't help your digestive health in the long run.

Living with diverticulitis: Get the full scope of symptoms, treatment, and prevention

Contrary to popular belief, diverticulitis typically does not require surgery. Learn how this colon condition develops, what its symptoms are, and how to prevent flare-ups.

Quarantine cuisine: Easy meals to support a healthy immune system

Cooking during the COVID-19 pandemic can seem tough, especially if you're limited to food items you have on hand. Jaclyn Albin, M.D., director of UT Southwestern's Culinary Medicine Program, provides some tips and recipes on how to prepare and enjoy immune-supporting meals.