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Your Pregnancy Matters

Comprehensive tests for fertility may help estimate chance of getting pregnant – now or later

Whether you’re waiting to get pregnant for career or other reasons, a fertility assessment may help determine the chances of having a baby in your 30s.

Prevention; Women's Health

Personalizing birth control to minimize health risks

Certain types of birth control can cause health risks, such as blood clots. But personalized planning can help patients choose a safe, effective option. Learn more.

Pediatrics; Your Pregnancy Matters

Kangaroo care: Health benefits for newborns and parents

Kangaroo care, or skin-to-skin contact, has many doctor-recognized benefits for newborns and parents. Research suggests it can reduce postpartum depression risk by 25%.

Your Pregnancy Matters

3 key topics to discuss at postpartum visits

Postpartum care should be the start of ongoing health maintenance, not just a one-time visit. Here are 3 topics to discuss with your Ob/Gyn after having a baby.

Heart; Your Pregnancy Matters

Cardio-obstetrics: Improving care for pregnant patients with heart disease

Rina Mauricio, M.D., explains how UT Southwestern's expert cardio-obstetrics team collaborates to provide the best care for pregnant patients with heart conditions.

Your Pregnancy Matters

Treating mild hypertension in pregnancy is safe and beneficial, study shows

A new study has flipped the script on mild hypertension care in pregnancy. Robyn Horsager-Boehrer, M.D., explores the data on the Your Pregnancy Matters blog.

Your Pregnancy Matters

10 tips for handling and holding a newborn

Nervous about holding a newborn? Pediatrician Jessica Morse, M.D., discusses tips and techniques for holding the new baby in your life.

Your Pregnancy Matters

New study suggests diet, stress management might reduce fetal growth restriction risks

Robyn Horsager, M.D., discusses new research on reducing controllable maternal risk factors that can lead to fetal growth restriction.

Discovery; Your Pregnancy Matters

Improving preeclampsia care with new research and prevention strategies

New UT Southwestern research could improve prevention and treatment of preeclampsia – high blood pressure in pregnancy.

Heart; Your Pregnancy Matters

How to combat heart disease during pregnancy

Rina Mauricio, M.D., discusses risk factors that are increasing pregnancy-related heart attacks, and eating and exercise habits that can reduce the risk.

Pediatrics; Your Pregnancy Matters

Healing – and learning – from pregnancy losses: A pediatrician shares her story

To help patients feel less alone in their miscarriage or stillbirth experiences, Jessica Morse, M.D., shares three affirmations that helped her grieve her pregnancy losses.

Your Pregnancy Matters

Will my period change after pregnancy?

Learn what to expect before, during, and after your first postpartum menstrual cycle.

Pediatrics; Your Pregnancy Matters

7 strange-but-normal things to expect with a newborn

Cone-shaped head? Crying without tears? Jessica Morse, M.D., discusses seven newborn traits that surprise new parents but are almost always nothing to worry about.

Your Pregnancy Matters

Can a father’s medication affect fertility and pregnancy?

Bonnie Bermas, M.D., discusses how some medications that the biological father is taking can impact fertility and the health of a developing baby.

Your Pregnancy Matters

5 ways to manage swollen legs and feet during pregnancy

Swollen feet are a common yet frustrating side effect of pregnancy. Learn how to reduce your discomfort and risk for complications.