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Gynecologic Robotic Surgery

Improving anesthesia, surgery by expanding ERAS protocols

Austin Street, M.D., discusses how UT Southwestern is using ERAS protocols to help demystify the anesthesiology experience and optimize patients’ recovery from surgery.

Advanced vNOTES procedure gives more patients a chance for scarless hysterectomy

ACOG recommends vaginal hysterectomy if patients need one, but only 25% are done that way. See how vNOTES, an advanced approach, could offer more patients less invasive surgery.

PARP-1 inhibitors can reduce ovarian cancer recurrence risk by 70% in half of patients

PARP-1 inhibitor drugs can reduce the risk of BRCA- and HRDS-associated ovarian cancer by 70%. New research at UT Southwestern Medical Center may help expand treatment to more patients.

Britni’s story: Destroying cancer, preserving fertility

Dr. Richardson and her patient, Britni Adams, discuss radical trachelectomy, a procedure to treat cervical cancer and preserve fertility.